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    Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can come from a variety of sources, often use bone marrow or fat (also termed adipose-derived stem cells). MSCs are either minimally manipulated stem cells (which is often the case with fat-derived) with or enriched stem cell products (when MSC populations are expanded by culture in the laboratory). Source materials carry low levels of MSC usually white blood cells and red blood cells which are easy to identify as they have no nucleus.

    Smith summarized the techniques he uses to aspirate (both from the sternum and the tuber coxae--the bony prominence of the hip behind the flank) and administer bone-marrow-derived stem cells to treat tendon injuries. Some of the tips he included were to:

    • Be sure the entire needle is visible on ultrasound to avoid inadvertent perforation of the deep surface of the tendon where cells would leak out.
    • Inject stem cells into one to five sites, depending on the nature of the core lesion. An injury further along in healing will require more injection sites because the cells cannot spread as well through echogenic (more filled in) tissue.
    • After administering MSCs, apply stable bandages to maintain the limb's temperature to maximize healing. “This is more important in cold climates, as distal limb temperature is then several degrees below core temperature and most cells are happiest at 37 degrees C (98.6 degrees F),” said Smith.

    After implantation, his patients begin a rehab program just as if the tendon had been managed without stem cells. He said there’s no current evidence that stem cell treatment shortens the rehabilitation process because, in the end, he noted, “the mechanism of stem cells is likely to be a modulation of repair rather than being truly regenerative.”

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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can come from a variety of sources, often use bone marrow or....
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