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    Editing Genes has largely been perform on Embryonic, Placental stem cells or iPSCs. However in the future science suggests that we may be able to edit genes in adult stem cells or even active cells. This sort provocative though comes from treatment arising from a combination of Nano based technology and computational Mogrify.

    The latest research proves that electrically current can induce heart stem cells too. So the possibility of medical micro-bots - is taking shape.

    More research and trails will take science further in its quest, but the true science begins with in vivo phase of research. Looking at financing this research seems like a global vacuum of investment, however each result offers huge benefit in treatment of humans.

    Firstly in vivo animal trails massively assist in understanding the complexity of stem cell or gene editing. This is where people and pets are paying for research and more animal treatment in stem cells is already being encouraged.

    All walks of life will not only benefit but may someday share gene patterns, after-all we are all from one source, so sharing these lost or more evolved genes would make sense.

    In the same way the a tomato was given fish genes to increased its shelf life, we might find foreign proteins to help edit our own gene.

    The cuttlefish is a good example of what how nature can become so complex to achieve something simple, the explanation, best camouflaged.

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